Andrew is regularly available for private sessions and readings! 


Energy Awaken Sessions

Energy Awaken is a new energetic modality.  Where something like Reiki is soft, feminine, gentle and healing; Energy Awaken is more active, masculine, tingly and transformative.  It works by activating or igniting your Earth connection mechanism.  Our bodies emanate energetic fields that can be engaged, connected and ignited for a deeper, wider Earth connection. This allows more capacity of ki, chi or prana, all of which are names for the creative life force energy that flows through us.  This work is not for the faint of heart.  More life force energy can dramatically put one on a more authentic path having us face and embrace every aspect of our lives.

Energy Awaken is for those who are ready for transformation, change and going within to new levels.

Andrew will often lead your session with a short meditation to put you in an energetically receptive state. You will then lie fully clothed on a massage table listening to pleasant music in a softly lit room. Energy Awaken sessions are done with virtually no touching, totally engaging your emanating fields, not your body.  These graceful hand movements facilitate greater connection that most people can feel, even with eyes closed.

Energy Awaken Readings

Energy Awaken Readings are psychic readings intended to be empowering to help facilitate you to your next step. They can contain elements of channeling, mediumship, coaching and divination cards. Please hold an intention and ask questions to help channel the energy. They are often fun, uplifting and enlightening.

Coaching Sessions

Andrew is a award winning certified coach specializing in intuitive development. An ongoing coaching program can help you get to any of your goals. Andrew helps you define and chart the course then helps you get there through accountability, shared passion and intuitive guidance. He will be your personal cheer leader getting you to where you want to be.


Regular Rates are $100 per 1 hour session (or $65 for half hour) in person or via Skype/FaceTime which can include Coaching, Energy Awaken Energy sessions, readings or combination (within an hour session) There are special rates for Andrew’s Reiki students and a sliding scale where needed. 

Special Energy Awaken Program Rates

Andrew is available for a limited number of selected clients for ongoing coaching & energy work. The program includes meeting with Andrew in person in Hamilton or remotely via Skype/FaceTime twice per month. Each session is $65.

Andrew also has regular “Session Days” with his hosting partners; White Flame Company, Lull Haven, and Green Spirit at special Session Day rates 

Please contact Andrew @ 905 522 0301 or