Energy Awaken is transcendence.

Energy Awaken is a set of tools which allow us live life as we really are. We are Spirit and these bodies are vessels of that Spirit. We can live as our souls, the capacity of our faith, hope and Love. We can infuse Spirit into our Souls, our bodies and even our personalities. This is living heaven on earth and living the true meaning of Love. You are this Love.


Energy Awaken tools include:

  • Feeling and understanding energetic or spiritual nature
  • Developing intuition
  • Truly loving and accepting self which leads to compassion and Loving all that is


Energy awaken is delivered through:

  •  Talks
  • Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Energy Sessions
  • Ultimately becoming an Energy Awaken Practitioner

These are not ideas but tangible experiences and gnostic understanding.


What can Energy Awaken do for me?

In the beginning, it is ultimately healing or unlearning that which we have accepted ourselves and this world to be.

Manifestations of this are:

  • Peace
  • Self love and self acceptance
  • A meaningful spiritual practice that compliments your path
  • Personal empowerment honouring self and others

 Your path will eventually evolve so that its focus is on others and assisting them to empowerment. Becoming an Energy Awaken Practitioner can be a rewarding way to do this.


Please Contact me with any questions.