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Andrew is a Certified Coach specializing in intuitive development and empowerment. Book a coaching session or become a Superconductor Coach!

Hamilton Reiki

Andrew Bray is a practicing Reiki Master and Teacher with 15 years experience. Consider Reiki training. It will change your life!

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You can learn how to perform Energy Awaken!  Learn by attending an Energy Awaken Practitioner Workshop or by hosting a Transformational Weekend.


Enjoy free Energy Awaken Meditations.

Adventure to Havana

When we are back to normal travel, join Andrew on an Adventure to Havana!

That was THE best experience of my life!

Lise (Brantford, ON)

Andrew has changed my life. I now know total peace.

Janice (Hamilton, ON)

Andrew has enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams. Energy Awaken tremendously compliments my Reiki practice.

Debbie (Welland, ON)

You can feel the energy so strongly during the meditations.

Jennifer (Hamilton, ON)

What is Energy Awaken?