Online Appointments

Andrew is a certifiedĀ Coach specializing in Personal Transformation. This includes intuition development and increasing your vibration and energy flow to allow you to be more connected with your Soul, Spirit and those around you.

He will work with you to release old patterns and accept new empowering ways of being. This is done through body, mind and Spirit perspectives to transcend barriers and obstacles consciously by you and energetically with Andrew.

During an online session you will feel energy as you shift and also be involved in the process and you receive empowering tools to create your life with. The session will include personal meditation, energy work and discussion to facilitate as big a shift as you are ready for.

You may only need a single session to facilitate shift or you may decide to continue to work with Andrew. If so your fifth session is free.

Schedule your session now in the convenient scheduling system. If you have any questions, please contact Andrew. Sessions can be done through Skype, Facetime or telephone.