Energy Awaken Yoga

Energy Awaken is a new exciting energy modality.  It is a hands on and hands over energy work akin to Reiki but very different.  It is also easily shared and felt in groups.  A next step  is an integration of Yoga as each yoga position has a distinct and unique vibration.  These different positions of receptivity are used to facilitate increasing the flow of energy.  The sessions are done in small groups with focus on achieving having more access to life force energy for greater vitality and a more vibrant world!

The Practitioner uses asanas as well as hands on and hands over energy techniques to facilitate more prana flowing through clients.

Energy Awaken is having a greater capacity for life force energy.  It is allowing yourself to be more of the divine being that you are.  It is increasing your connection to Mother Earth as the Energy Awaken Ignition clears a path to the more authentic you.   This can be dramatic as we embrace new energy and shed limiting beliefs behind.

Community, energy awareness, heart opening, meditation and yoking with Mother Earth & Creator are central themes.

An Energy Awaken Yoga Session is a premium small group (suggested maximum of 6) or individual session that can be intense, enlightening, healing and a fantastic experience.