Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Energy Awaken is now available for you to produce your own meditations, affirmations or any other custom audio recording.  Original music is available.  EA Studio is a computer based recording facility with multiple large diaphragm microphones using close mic techniques to professionally produce your recording. A full array of effects and instrument sounds are available.


Channelled Readings & Meditations

Energy Awaken can give you a channelled reading of which the energy and message will be used to record a custom meditation with original music.  The Energy Awaken mission is to “Bring the Energy of Home, here” and that is the objective of these readings.  It is directed at your spiritual growth to raise your vibration and help clear your path.


Record your own Meditation

Come into the studio to record your own meditation.  Assistance with a script is available.  You will record your meditation and music can then be composed to match the vibration of your recording.  The project will then be mastered and given to you any format you choose.  10 CD’s with laser etched labels included.


Record your own Self Hypnosis

Custom Self Hypnosis is available to assist in whatever area of personal development you choose.  Either record session in your own voice, or we will do it for you.  Your script will be split into left and right channels so that a different message is heard in each ear.  A pleasant music track s played in stereo in both ears so that you listen to the music while your sub-conscious listens to your affirmations.



Energy Awaken Meditation



Please contact Energy Awaken with info about your project.