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Coaching can be done in person, over the telephone and can incorporate Energy Awaken sessions, which is especially powerful.  Schedules are flexible and custom designed for you.



For You

Energy Awaken Coaching is a powerful  and intuitive one-on-one process to help you realize your full potential.   This coaching process helps you define and clarify what your fulfilling life purpose is.  You get to choose and define your vision.  We plan a path to achieving those dreams.   Lets build passion and create!

 For Your Business

If your path is establishing an organization or business, it starts with an organization of one.   That’s you!  To work effectively, we will look at many aspects vital to achieving your vision.

  • Vision Statement
  • Goals (Short, medium and long term)
  • Target Market
  • Marketing
  • Image/Presentation
  • Income models
  • Time Management


We all want to contribute to and help create a better world.  How we do that is totally up to us.


The Energy Awaken coaching program keeps us in regular contact to monitor and track progress of your targets and goals.  We ensure your short terms goals are met to meet your medium term goals and in turn your medium term goals ensure your long term goals are met.  Goals may change, circumstances change and we make sure that the process is dynamic so we work effectively to stay focused on your vision.


Everyone has their roadblocks.  Part of the coaching process is to help you recognize your roadblocks and empower you to success by overcoming them.  This empowerment through awareness process  is a great part of the Energy Awaken coaching program and philosophy.


Your true self comes from a quiet voice within.  Your truth and creativity comes from expressing  and being this voice.


Andrew Bray is an energetic catalyst.  He has over 15 years of corporate management experience,  with more than 10 years of experience leading a team.  He holds degrees in Psychology and Labour Studies from McMaster University and has a graduate diploma in Human Resources Management.  His philosophy has always been that we are creators and leading a productive fulfilling life involves us creating and expressing an energy that comes from within.  He will help you find, define and express that energy.