Energy Awaken Yoga Practitioner Program

The Energy Awaken Practitioner program is an intensive program designed to quickly and easily bring Yoga Instructors to proficiency to lead Energy Awaken Yoga Sessions.  The program increases energetic awareness, teaches how to positively impact the subtle energy bodies of clients and then how to facilitate this using Yoga!

Included is:

  • Reiki Certification
  1. Acts as an energy awareness primer.  Reiki is an easy way to quickly and easily be aware and be able to direct and allow subtle energy
  2. Facilitates heart awareness of you and client
  3. Is empowering for self healing and chakra awareness
  • Energy Awaken Practitioner Certification
  1. Able to facilitate Energy Awaken “Ignition” in clients to have them experience and use a greater Earth connection
  2. Facilitate a deeper authenticity by allowing client to embrace and process personal “Dweller on the Threshold” or shadow energy.  This can be a profound experience
  • Meditation Coaching
  1. Leading Meditation which speaks to the conscious and unconscious mind compliments the EA Yoga session
  2. The tone, cadence, and melody of your voice have an impact.  The energy comes through your voice also
  • Yoga class/session format
  1. The class layout, format and explanations off all parts are provided
  2. Leading sample class and meditation practice included
  •  Ongoing Support
  1. Energy Awaken is available to support you as you develop your specific EA yoga practice