Energy Awaken ProgramThe Energy Awaken program is a set of teachings that are each relevant in their own right, but facilitate an energetic change as a whole.  The Energy Awaken program is a participative integrative process that is fun, powerful and spiritually awakening.  Energy Awaken is presented through discussions, meditations, exercises and energy work.  It is an experience that you can feel as it happens, and that stays with you.  It takes a curiosity of what spiritual energy is all about and makes it tangible.   The program provides the theoretical and energetic foundation to being able to learn the Energy Awaken modality.

The program consists of 6 modules typically taught over a 2 day weekend workshop.

Module 1  Introduction
  • Meditation.  Physiological effects.
  • Raising vibration.
  • Left/Right brain.
  • Introduction to higher self.
Cornerstone: Fear is inhibitor to Love

Module 2  Energetic Physiology
  • Chakras
  • Mind/Emotional/Mind bodies
  • Ego/Higher self
Cornerstone: What are we?

Module 3  Reiki Certification
  • History
  • Hand positions
  • Atunement
Cornerstone: Explore new ways to direct energy in your life

Module 4  Earth and Universal Energy
  • Earth and Universal connection
  • Kahuna wisdom
  • Divination
Cornerstone: Creating

Module 5 Balance
  • The Divine Feminine
  • Love
  • Releasing
Cornerstone: Balance your energy

Module 6  The Changing World
  • We are changing/Spiritual evolution
  • Happiness
  • Fieldwork
Cornerstone: Choice