Program Formats

cuban-sky1-251x300Weekend Workshop

Energy Awaken is presented in a weekend workshop with 3 modules presented on each day.  There is ample time for several meditations and Reiki practice.  After all have been attuned and successfully feeling the energy, the Energy Awaken modality is demonstrated and all have the opportunity to experience this new energy.


Six Week Program

The Energy Awaken material can be presented 1 evening a week for 6 weeks.   1 module is presented each week.



Caribbean Retreat

Varadero & Havana, Cuba.

Join Energy Awaken on a week long Caribbean retreat.  The full Energy Awaken program (please see Retreat Program page) is presented in a unique environment.  Escape your day to day life to have an inner journey into yourself.  Retreat includes classes, meditations, group and individual energy work sessions and Reiki 1 certification.  The week will culminate in performing energy work in an historical site!


Body Awaken is a complimentary program to Energy Awaken.  As Energy Awaken guides and instructs you to remember who you really are, to use and feel Universal energy, Body Awaken adds a physical element.  Yoga can be a path to enlightenment.  Mind-Body Aquafit brings elements of Tai Chi, pilates and yoga to expand the program.


Body Awaken – Presented by Pam Shaw

Pam Shaw is a certified Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Aquafit Instructor with specialty training in Arthritis and Mind Body Classes in the water.  She holds a Bachelors of Business and Commerce and is currently completing her Bachelor of Education degree in Adult Education to further her ability in adult training and learning.

Pam’s first experiences with Yoga helped her eliminate chronic pain and move towards a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.  She has been teaching for a number of years and is always updating her education and attends the Yoga Show and conference annually to further her knowledge.   Pam resides in Oakville, Ontario.

Pam from Relaxation & Rejuvenation Yoga Sanctuary is presenting all of the Body Awaken portions of the retreat.

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