January 30 & 31 Ottawa

Taking Your Practice to the Next Level – Energy Awaken Practitioner Program

Hosted By OSPC – RSVP Barb@OttawaSpiritualPathways.com

Training, Manual & Certification  – $250

Energy Awaken is a new energy work that increases your capacity for life force energy by activating a deeper more significant Earth connection. This activation can be tangibly felt and used by clients.

The Energy Awaken Level I Practitioner Program is designed to compliment and empower your current existing energy work or practice. Whether you are a Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Healer or an intuitive, the Practitioner Program is designed to take you to a higher level. It is helps you consciously raise the vibration and increase the impact of your sessions as it adds tools of energetic technique and intuition to your practice. You will learn to energetically and consciously empower your clients through energy work, coaching and guided meditation.

Included is step by step instructions and coaching of how to do an Energy Awaken session.

The following 7 modules are covered over a two-day period through means of meditation, discussion, activities, energy work, fun and sharing. It is a group experience that will have a lasting empowering impact.

This workshop is appropriate for those practising energy work and can currently feel and use energy.

$250 inc manual & Certification

Module 1 Service

  • Being your soul
  • Energies to cultivate Soul
  • Module 2 Spiritual Practice

Module 2 Spiritual Practice

  • Expression of truth
  • Module 3 Practical Application of Energetic Physiology

Module 3 – Practical Application of Energetic Physiology

  • Chakra variance
  • Energy Awakening of Earth connection

Module 4 Intuition

  • Treatment skills
  • Empowering clients
  • Coaching

Module 5 Performing Sessions

  • Empowering clients to energetic emanation
  • Harmonizing chakras to a new level

Module 6 Leading Meditation

  • Energy expressed through voice
  • Cadence, tone, & integration with session
  • Module 7 Highest Unfolding

Playing your part in the Earth unfolding