Energy Sessions

chang1Energy Awaken is a newly channelled modality that is truly unique.  Reiki 1 certification is taught as part of the Energy Awaken program because anyone can easily learn Reiki.  This teaches one how to feel and direct energy, and with this as a foundation, a Reiki Practitioner can learn the new Energy Awaken modality. Energy Awaken facilitates a greater grounding to the earth so more and wider frequency Universal energy can flow through you. It does this by the awakening the fields of sacred geometry around your body.  Energy Awaken sessions are unique in that the intention is an energetic activation, and a knowing that we are more than we may know.

The client lies fully clothed in a relaxed atmosphere.  The lights will typically be dimmed and there will be relaxing music played. An Energy Awaken Pratitioner will place their hands on and in the energetic fields around your body, directing energy into the client’s energy centers and activating them. (There is no touching of any inappropriate areas)

Most of the time the client will experience some kind of sensation. These can range from heat to tingling to experiencing colours, emotions and possibly more. Each client will get an individual treatment experience. The energy works on your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and experiences can be felt on all levels.

Sessions can result in feelings of being:

  • More balanced
  • Less stressed
  • More relaxed
  • More vitality
  • More awareness
  • Less or no pain
  • More ability to fall asleep quickly
  • More ease of movement
  • Less emotional

The intention is to have more Universal life energy flow through you.  The purpose of an Energy Awaken session is to increase your energetic capacity.