Connecting to Mother Earth – Living a Loving Relationship with Gaia

Private Online Workshop

During the Energy Awaken “Connecting to Mother Earth” workshop, you will have the opportunity to enter into sacred space and experience the loving energy of Gaia.  This workshop is particularly well suited to Energy Practitioners of any kind.  Aspects of proper grounding (Earth Connection) will be explored.  You will also experience the Kahuna tradition of contacting higher self through lower self, or our shared energy with Mother Earth.  Andrew has verbally channeled the energy of Gaia in past workshops when it is appropriate.  The workshop includes meditations, exercises and an experience of the Energy Awaken energy.

Andrew will work with you privately to help you use the wisdom in this workshop to help you specifically connect more consciously to the consciousness of Mother Earth.

Bonus – Upon confirmation, Andrew will send you a printable PDF to accompany the workshop and a link to music to listen to during the workshop as well.

Book Now! – Please use the scheduler below to select a convenient time or contact Andrew if one is not presently available.